Guardian lion

Chinese lions, also called Foo Dogs, are sacred to Buddhists as defenders of the law and protectors of sacred buildings. They are always represented in pairs as a manifestation of yin and yang. The female can be recognized by a cub representing the cycle of life and closed mouth. The male has its right front paw placed on a ball and an open mouth symbolising the pronunciation of the sacred word ’om’. This lion, from Kangxi period (1661 - 1722), is made of yellow, green and grey enamelled porcelain. In the middle of lion’s forehead there is a Chinese symbol for ‘The King of Beasts’.
Accession Loan No.
Simple Name
guardian lion
Full Name
Guardian Lion
Common Name
guardian lion
Production Country
Collection Class
Decorative Art
Production Year Low
Production Year High
Collection Name
Torquay Museum
Created At
2017-10-29 11:33:23
Updated At
2017-10-29 11:33:23

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